starter pack offer

for new clients:

5x beginner

private one-on-one lessons

(valued at $425)

plus 2x free general mat classes

(valued at $60)

total package

introductory offer:


We don’t charge membership or joining fees. If you can’t make a session, please let us know, at least 24 hours before your booking - or (to be frank), cancellation fees may apply, and concessions aren’t refundable once purchased.

private one-on-one sessions

We specialise in one-on-one sessions, based on the authentic method. Your sessions will involve all the apparatus, from the reformer to the toe corrector, depending your body’s needs and your goals. Frankly, with this tailored approach twice a week, you’re bound to get braggable results.

mat classes

Semi-private mat classes of 4-6 people. These classes follow the authentic method, and are deliberately small so that we can keep our eagle eyes on you and guide you into mastering each exercise. For new clients, we recommend our Starter Pack before commencing mat classes to learn the basics.

1 hour

casual rate  

10 concession

5 concession

45 mins     

casual rate

10 concession

30 mins (special cases)

casual rate

10 concession

1 hour

casual rate

10 concession

duo (per person)

1 hour

10 concession













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