'Who knew that I would develop abs for the first time in my life!

'My inner strength has developed well beyond my wildest expectations – I've got muscles where I've never had them before!'

'Jeneal strikes the magic balance of quietly nurturing your development and developing your skills while challenging your physical boundaries. It's amazing to look back and see such significant progress and improvement.'

'Melissa has a very kind and empathetic approach but it's not all soft and fluffy. She is very precise and pragmatic on what needs to be achieved.'

'Frank Pilates works for people of all ages because you can do it at your pace, increasing your skills over time with surprising results.'

'Thank you so much Melissa for your patient teaching over the last year. You have helped me more than you could ever know. To feel strong in my centre again is a gift that you have given me'.

'I like the way that Jeneal tailors Pilates to my unique requirements and works on strengthening my weak points.'

'Thank you so much for being such an awesome

Pilates teacher! Your positivity is really inspiring'

'I don't like gyms, but the Pilates environment is very inclusive and far less intimidating, making exercise far more enjoyable.'